Working with Ideagen plc, HSRC can help you implement software solutions to manage the administrative burden imposed by Quality Management Systems, Safety Management Systems and Risk Management Systems.

Automating these systems through software eliminates bureaucracy, streamlines your business processes and ultimately ensures compliance.

Ideagen plc products include Q-Pulse, a server based system that has over two decades of maturity helping manufacturers, airlines, and healthcare organisations to comply with standards and regulations, control safety and risk and achieve unprecedented levels of quality and efficiency.

Alternatively, the Coruson product provides enterprise cloud software that gives you complete control, visibility and real time reporting of every detail and aspect of safety and operational risk in your organisation.


Q-Pulse is a fully integrated compliance software solution that covers key governance and assurance functions such as Document Control, Audit, Action Planning and Action Management. The Q-Pulse software suite helps organisations effectively manage Quality, Safety and Risk.


Operating globally across a number of industry sectors including healthcare, life sciences and aviation, many organisations worldwide choose Q-Pulse to provide them with an all round market leading solution for Quality & Safety Management.

Eliminating the duplication of effort and the time spent searching for information in systems, spreadsheets, databases, reports and filing cabinets, Q-Pulse provides an organisation’s employees with a central, focal point for all compliance data, materials and activities.

In addition, Q-Pulse makes management aware of areas in need of attention if their compliance status is to remain current.

Q-Pulse is the proven compliance solution having been continually refined and developed since its inception in 1992. Currently over 2500 organisations across the world use it on a daily basis to successfully manage their compliance needs.

Q-Pulse Functions

  • Document Management:
    Control policies, procedures and all critical documentation.
  • Audit Management:
    Control the complete audit lifecycle from planning and scheduling to reporting and the management of findings.
  • CA/PA Management:
    For corrective and preventive actions, to raise visibility of issues immediately and let you solve problems quickly.
  • Incident Management:
    Unlimited reporting and analysis: create the custom forms and templates you need to report, track and analyse incidents.
  • Supplier Management:
    Manage all vendor related compliance data for ISO and other standards. Conduct compliance audits on your supply chain.
  • Training and Competence Management:
    Track and manage staff training and qualification records.
  • Risk Management:
    Easily visualise and manage risk.
  • Safety Management:
    Demonstrate a proactive and anticipative approach to operational activities via real time Performance Monitoring.
  • Q-Pulse FAIR:
    Streamline, automate and mistake proof the first article inspection (FAI) process.

Q-Pulse is highly configurable in terms of structure, data security, workflows, alerts and escalation to make it capable of reflecting and managing your organisation as needed.
From implementing and maintaining processes and procedures, to improving and growing your management system, Q-Pulse provides a user friendly system to help organisations achieve compliance with relevant standards and continually improve their quality and performance.

Coruson features

Coruson is the most scalable, user friendly and functionally rich enterprise application for safety, operational risk and quality management. Seamlessly integrated capabilities include:

  • Action Management.
  • Training and competency management.
  • Document control and policy management.
  • Incident management and reporting including smart forms.
  • Audit management.
  • Operational Risk Management (ORM) including bowtie visualisation.
  • Change control.
  • Performance monitoring, business intelligence, analysis and dashboards.
  • Business process modelling and automation.
  • Configurable to your unique organisational processes and requirements.
  • Remote and mobile access via browser or native app.

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