Specialists in Improving Aviation Safety Performance

Hong Kong Safety & Risk Consulting (HSRC) are International Aviation Safety Specialists. We help clients who include some of the world’s best-known Aviation companies to reduce costs and increase revenues by ensuring they are in compliance with all required Aviation Safety & Quality requirements.

We have comprehensive knowledge and sound competence in many Aviation Business facets. These include Material Processing, Aero Engine Overhaul & Repair, Training, Facilitating, Coaching, and the implementation and management of Quality, Safety and Risk-Management Systems and Business Continuity, Crisis Management & Emergency Response.

We are experienced Technical Trainers of EASA and FAA compliant regulatory training including Part 145, Part 21, Part M, Human Factors, Fatigue Risk Management, Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems (EWIS), Fuel Tank Safety (FTS), Auditing, Logistics & Stores Inspection, and Safety Management Systems.

With our wide-ranging knowledge, skills and industry experience in multiple National Aviation Authority requirements, Compliance and Safety Management, we are well-placed and competent to provide aviation consultancy services which adds value to organisations striving to improve safety performance.

Since inception in December 2014, we have helped more than 40 aviation organisations around the world supporting them with Governance, Risk & Compliance software implementation, Resilience Assessments, Aviation Technical English training and a wide array of Aviation Regulatory, Safety and Risk training.

We strive to maintain a professional, expert and passionate approach towards Aviation Safety to influence and improve the safety performance of aviation companies around the globe.

Our self-authored training courses are comprehensive, engaging and are highly-rated by delegates proving that we are strong advocates of focussing on customer service and satisfaction.

Our consulting services are competively priced to meet your budget with no hidden extras or luxury class travel involved.

Our consultancy programmes are tailored to meet client’s specific needs training services and impart skills and knowledge to promote competence and understanding.

Our services have been developed to –

  • Hone and Enrich Organisational Safety Performance
  • Secure Organisational Reputation
  • Reduce Risk
  • Correct Deficiencies

Client Commitment

We make an unconditional commitment to provide exceptional levels of service.

We will clearly outline and define the services we will provide.

We will focus on tasks and actions that will benefit you.

We will work diligently to understand your business, be open, and share with you thought-provoking ideas.

We will strive to build a relationship with you that is based on good faith, respect and honesty.