Building a Safety Management System (SMS) requires planning, organising, communicating and providing direction, best achieved by adopting a systematic approach.

An effective safety management system uses risk and quality management methods to achieve safety goals and provides an organisational framework focused on developing a positive safety culture.

Our years of experience in managing Aviation Safety and Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) allows us to provide your company with a solution that will add value to your organisation.

One of our specialist expertise is to integrate your OHS SMS and your Aviation SMS as one system reducing confusion and providing a cross-functional system which simplifies the management requirement and saves money.


How do you see Safety Management in your organisation?

Some organisations only see safety management as a necessity, or for compliance reasons. Organisations that embrace safety management as an integral part of their strategic planning, core business and operations achieve operational excellence.

Safety management is about protecting your organisation against undesired outcomes and helping to prevent not just incidents and accidents, but operational and financial inefficiencies and losses too.

Do you have a Safety Management System?

  • How effective is your SMS operating as a safety and business tool?
  • Does your investment in SMS clearly demonstrate how safe your organisation is?
  • Does your SMS actively measure safety improvements?

The ability for your Safety Management System to measure safety performance is the difference between hoping and knowing that your organisation is safe.

How we can help

HSRC can assist your organisation to:

  • Develop and implement a robust Safety Management System.
  • Provide advice on obtaining initial regulatory approval including liasing with your regulatory authority.
  • Review and improve your SMS.
  • Compile SMS documentation.

As your organisation may have many of the components already in place for an SMS, we focus on the SMS structure and integration rather than ‘re-inventing the wheel’. Our customised approach minimises the cost of implementation by maximising the use of existing resources and knowledge. By closely working with you during the planning, development and implementation process ensures that you remain in control, and that you manage its evolvement.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution as all businesses are essentially unique, so a generic manual would be ineffective. What we will do, is work with you to ensure your SMS is useful, effective and suits your needs. This usually involves integrating your SMS manual with your current suite of manuals and management systems.  In essence, we tailor the Safety Management System specifically for your organisation so that you gain maxiumum benefit.

But it’s not just about having an SMS manual that meets regulatory requirements. Though this is essential, the goal of an SMS is to deliver real benefits for your bottom line such as accident and incident cost reductions and reduced risk exposure/weaknesses.

At HSRC, our goal is to provide your organisation with an SMS that repositions “safety” as a profit centre and provides you with a competitive edge.

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