HSRC consulting services support your journey to being a High Reliability Organisation (HRO).

HRO’s enjoy a high level of safety by succeeding in avoiding catastrophes in an environment where normal accidents can be expected due to risk factors and complexity.

Generally, HRO’s limit accidents or failures by:

  • Prioritising safety and performance and shared goals across the organisation,
  • Embedding an attitude towards ensuring operations are reliable by allowing lower ranking members to take authority decisions,
  • Having a learning organisational culture that learns from accidents, incidents, and near misses to change for the better, and
  • Adopting a behavioural strategy of redundancy such as where one person steps in when a task needs completion.


Through our wealth of knowledge and years of practical experience solving compliance issues, if your desire is to:

  • Understand and implement EASA, FAA and HKCAD regulations,
  • Avoid regulator penalties,
  • Secure new organisational approvals,
  • Go beyond compliance.

then we can certainly help!

Safety Management

We help organisations with designing and implementing Safety Management Systems (SMS) that meet ICAO requirements. No matter whether your are a commercial airline, business jet operator or a maintenance organisation we will ensure that your SMS is appropriate for your business and that it is effective.

With SMS, there is no ‘one size fits all’, it must suit the complexity and size of your organisation and is right for your needs and your existing processes.

HSRC has been involved in SMS development since its concept in aviation, and we have specialist experience in integrating Aviation SMS and Occupational Health & Safety SMS to reduce administrative burden and lower SMS maintenance costs.

Quality Assurance

We provide a range of Quality Assurance consulting services such as:

  • Advice and coaching for developing and improving auditor skills,
  • Strategies to improve the effectiveness of your quality system,
  • Internal audits to assist you in identifying any gaps, inconsistencies and weaknesses in your organisation,
  • External audits to assess the Quality and Safety levels of organisations that you do business with,
  • Preparatory audits to ensure you are well prepared for any external audit by a regulatory authority or a customer.

Risk Management

Applying our extensive industry knowledge, HSRC works closely with clients to:

  • Identify sources of risk.
  • Develop and implement programmes to mitigate the impact of operational risk sources.
  • Embed a safety and risk culture across the whole organisation.
  • Provide demonstrated managerial experience in safety management systems.

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