Our Safety philosophy is simplistic…”Good Safety leads to Good Business”

We aim to inspire aviation companies to adopt a proactive approach to safety and recognize that safety starts with their people. Following is our concept of how organisations should approach safety…

We believe in the promotion of a safety philosophy which can be understood, accepted, and applied daily by each member of the organisation.

Safety must be at the forefront of thinking in all planning and implementing each work place task. The aim is for each member of the organisation to perform a mini-risk assessment before initiating a task – this would only take seconds, but could go a long way to reducing injury.

Leaders are responsible for creating safe environments. There is no acceptable way to ensure a safe environment without involving the employees affected by management decisions. The key is employee involvement and empowerment by management to be involved in active safety management.

Potentially all incidents and accidents can be prevented. Unsafe acts and conditions are preventable; and when an unfortunate injury/accident occurs, we can learn from our mistakes. Investigations must focus on fact finding for basic causes and not fault finding.

Working safely is a condition of employment. Disregarding safety cannot be tolerated whether by employee or management.

Education and training are essential to provide employees the tools with which to think and work safely. Good safety training will provide knowledge for developing positive attitudes and adequate behaviours sufficient for successful safe performance. Improving safety places people first and improves productivity, quality, reduces costs and enhances public relations.

Client Commitment

We make an unconditional commitment to provide exceptional levels of service.

We will clearly outline and define the services we will provide.

We will focus on tasks and actions that will benefit you.

We will work diligently to understand your business, be open, and share with you thought-provoking ideas.

We will strive to build a relationship with you that is based on good faith, respect and honesty.