Aviation Technical English for aviation maintenance organisations

We provide training courses specifically designed for aviation maintenance staff for learning English at all levels.

The aim of our training courses is to enable attendees to use English for their professional needs in real-life situations and their place of work by providing the opportunity to speak and to understand relevant texts in the English-speaking world.

Our Aviation Technical English courses will:

  • Provide relevant material to learn pronunciation of the English sounds,
  • Enhance reading ability and the fundamentals of English grammar and vocabulary,
  • Develop reading skills and an understanding of how to skim text to gain specific information,
  • Develop listening skills to enable understanding of specific information,
  • Develop a general capacity of English sufficient to inspire confidence to use English in a working environment.
  • Develop speaking skills for general, social and professional language.

Levels of English our courses provide:

We provide a range of courses to suit all levels from beginner to advanced.

It’s important to first understand what level of English attendees have prior to the training which is determined by a pre-course assessment. Once the level is understood, our training can be tailored to suit.

How we assess the ability of an attendee:

Assessment starts with each attendee completing an individual pre-course assessment in their own time. Each course has several exercises for the attendees to complete which provides the method for continual assessment.

At the end of the course, each attendees results are graded

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