Consulting Strategy


Our assets are our people who have expertise in methodologically managing projects, and possess practical experience in their respective field.

Using proven tools such as the Six Sigma DMAIC process and other techniques allows us to provide your business with solutions appropriate for specific situations and the challenges you face.

Our consultants industry experience supported by our extensive knowledge enables us to provide you with strategies which will add value to your business.

Whether you need leadership experience, project management or technical training services, our people have the necessary skill sets to ensure success.

Quality Management


Whether you are a commercial airline, a maintenance repair organisation or a business jet operator, your ability to demonstrate compliance to aviation and industry standards is essential to allow you to operate.

As industry and aviation regulators continually raise their standards, your organisation must incorporate the changes into your quality management system framework.

At HRSC, we advocate a systemic, process driven approach to quality management and place strong focus on developing a quality culture to increase customer satisfaction.

We can help you understand the relationship between industry ISO and AS quality standards and aviation regulatory requirements, and provide guidance to implement best practices for quality management.

Aviation Safety Management


Similar to other management systems, aviation safety management requires planning, organising, communicating and providing direction by making use of a systematic approach.

As industry and aviation regulators continually raise their standards, your organisation must incorporate the changes into your quality management system framework.

An effective aviation safety management system uses risk and quality management methods to achieve safety goals and provides an organisational framework to develop a positive corporate safety culture.

Our competent staff have many years of experience establishing and developing aviation safety management systems, and are able to draw on the expertise of its collaborating partners to offer your company with a complete solution for your safety management system.

Occupational Safety & Health


Ensuring your employees work safely in a healthy environment is not only a legal requirement for employers but essential for continued business. No company wants to be associated with an unsafe company, so it is of prime importance that employers ensure that the occupational safety and health risks arising from their organisation’s activities are properly managed.

Reducing exposure to potential accidents or occupational ill health can be controlled by taking a proactive approach, however, this can overstretch a company’s resources in terms of allocating safety personnel, time, and sourcing expertise as well as interpreting legislation.

We can provide the expertise to introduce sound, innovative methods to help manage workplace safety and health which can reduce the need for company’s to reallocate personnel from their main duties, providing better utilization of resources and savings in operating costs.

Risk Management


The importance of proactively managing risks to a business cannot be stressed enough. Companies who take a proactive approach to identify, assess, and implement control measures to reduce potential risks to ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) maximize the realization of opportunities and improve their safety record.

This often requires company’s to have a tailored risk management solution to reduce and effectively manage their risks which in turn adds value to their business.

HSRC can provide insight and advice on the management of risk and effective risk mitigation strategies through the development of a risk management framework, policies and procedures which includes:

  • Developing risk management framework and strategies;
  • Hazard identification;
  • Developing effective and open reporting systems;
  • Developing control measures and effective action plans appropriate to risk ratings.

Aviation Regulatory Training


As a Technical Instructor on behalf of Sofema Aviation Services, Kevin Rookes – Founder & Managing Director of HSRC provides EASA and FAA compliant regulatory training to the global aviation industry.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience of aviation regulations, Kevin is competent to ensure you receive engaging training sessions which add value to your business.

For further details of available training courses, please visit SAS Training Courses.

Safety Culture Surveys


An organisation’s culture can have as much influence on safety outcomes as the safety management system.

‘Safety culture’ is a subset of the overall company culture and can be defined as – “The safety culture of an organisation is the product of individual and group values, attitudes, perceptions, competencies, and patterns of behaviour that determine the commitment to, and the style and proficiency of, an organisation’s safety management”.

Many companies talk about ‘safety culture’ when referring to the inclination of their employees to comply with rules or act safety or unsafely. However we find that the culture and style of management is even more significant, for example a natural, unconscious bias for production over safety, or a tendency to focus on the short-term and being highly reactive.

In collaboration with insync surveys research consulting, HSRC can provide businesses with a cutting-edge safety culture survey, the results of which provides organisation’s with valuable insight and information to help to understand how to build a positive safety culture.